The Best Medicine Is a Bug

japanese beetles

Or a hug! (I hear laughter works, too, I might have to try it someday!) To my family and friends, you are the stars in the vast, dark world in which I reside; like the sparkling tiny points on the back of a Japanese beetle, keep shining!

(Of Insecta note, these are our first Coleopterans (or beetles, for the less latinate-using-inclined) on! I tend to have a bias against the beetles, perhaps, because I have difficulty getting artful shots of them. Hopefully we can arrange a better working relationship in the future. For the gardeners out there, I apologize somewhat, but of the beetles, I’ve found the JB’s are not only better at consuming vegetation but also better at posing for my camera.)


One thought on “The Best Medicine Is a Bug

  1. you bring wonder and beauty to our lives, mike, just like your camera brings to the bugs. love you, too :o)

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