I Wish for a Sea of Blue

There would be a million-million metallic blue drops running together, the sun shimmering off their curves. The blue-over-green sea would spray around me, drops tempting to touch me, maybe one even accidently splashing into my cheek. I would be sitting on the beach but ready to swim on the shining surface for days and days and days.

The wasp pictured above is Chalybion californicum, the Blue Mud Wasp (also known as the Blue Mud Dauber). Their memorably stunning metallic blue bodies make them stick out as they nervously skitter around the tiny parsley flowers of which I have found them to be so fond. They can make a tough subject as they are usually very alert to photographing interlopers like yours truly; they will not take even a moment to finish their nectar cups, instead flitting, flying and flashing to some safer-seeming spot. They do on occasion become absorbed in their feeding — feeding like a reverie — and quite the opposite of alert, they become oblivious and separate in a way similar to someone in love. Only then (if I’m lucky and quick and in rhythm) do I get a good photograph of this beautiful bug.


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