Ridiculous Mustaches #001

Snout Moth portrait

I have a serious question: were ridiculous mustaches always so beloved? Or perhaps, the more appropriate question: were mustaches always loved because they were so ridiculous? Facial hair in general seems to be gaining steam as a hipster/renegade symbol. I keep seeing advertisements for a fierce beard competition reality show, and I cannot help but to imagine men trying to defeat each other in a fight to the death using only their four foot-long beards as weapons. I suppose one might prefer strangling, another a more smothering suffocation. How this phenomenon fits into the whiskers of the ever-evolving concept of masculinity, I’m not exactly sure. It seems a little clandestine and darkly motivated behind the inanity and cartoon character looks (and sometimes acts): a brooding, stroking of the shorts hairs on the chin, in a dimly lit corner, a mulling over just how a man is to be a man in the world today, if you will. BugPhoto.net will keep searching for enlightenment on this hairy issue. Meanwhile, I can say for certain that men in all there mustachioed glory and bearded pride, once again fall short of the majesty of bugs. See picture above (snout moth).


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