The Moon Is a Crooked Heart, Too

mating damselflies

I just wanted to say, love is like the moon: it can fully reflect the sun in the darkest times, and it can blot it out in the middle of the afternoon. It is the light and the shade, and it keeps us moving in all of its excellent, eternal, ephemeral, ecstatic and eccentric forms. It moves us like the moon moves the tides. It is out there even when we can’t see it. Nobody has found a way to own it yet, but if we take it for what it is, be you an astronaut, a fisherman or even  an ant among men (or bugs), we will be whole. We will rise and fall, and (may the universe(s) make it so) love will keep life moving, on and on and on and on.

In re: our featured photo, our love bugs are two mating damselflies. Much like their Odonata siblings, the dragonflies, the male attaches the claspers at the end of its abdomen to the head of the female who raises the end of its abdomen to the male’s first abdominal segment. I will leave the rest up to your imagination or entomology textbooks.


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