Of the Camper

moth with big antenna

Well, camp is almost upon me (or am I almost upon camp?). Camp to Belong — Massachusetts will begin its seventh season of uniting brothers and sisters separated in the foster care system on Saturday, and I am happy to volunteer again with Sibling Connections, the non-profit organization that makes CTB-MA happen. There won’t be time to take pictures of bugs like the demure Tussock Moth above and below (most likely in Subfamily Lymantriinae) with its beautiful antennae like the longest eyelashes, but I will get to spend some quality time with great campers and counselors —with the added bonus of trying to convert, er…convnince them that hanging out amidst all the bugs in the forests of the Berkshires is awesome (Because it is!) (Well, except  for the skeeters).

tussock moth 2


2 thoughts on “Of the Camper

  1. Great shot, Mike! Camper bugs will likely not be in short supply where you’re going! But it’s a great cause and I commend you for doing it.

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