Men and Midges

Male Midge at rest

This midge, a member of Diptera, the Order of flies, is assuredly a male. You can tell because of the bushy or fuzzy antennae, which are usually receptors for signals from females. It’s a pretty simple and clear sexual marker. I envy the simplicity of the bugs, although I suspect people are just as simple on an existential level. But we certainly have gender on top of sex on top of a unique self-consciousness (which is on top of another less unique self-awareness, in my opinion).

It seems as though my musings on this site circle like a bug around a light: I tend to touch on the same or slightly different themes and topics. I guess I wish I had an answer for it all, an answer like a bug. Or like a midge, the antennae to receive it as it passes invisibly but evermore through the air.

Detail of Male Midge


2 thoughts on “Men and Midges

  1. I didn’t want to belittle insect mating rituals with the mention of something insignificant like the playoffs. Next time I’ll try to work it in respectfully though, if it’ll make Joba and the guys feel better.

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