Oh Beautiful Bubbles

Beer Bubbles

On a whim, under a provocation, whilst sipping my Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I decided to take a few shots. They are in honor of my good friend, Harvey, over at Oh Beautiful Beer, the great site featuring excellence in graphic design related to beer. Of course, I have a conscience, and naturally would never subject BugPhoto.net’s audience to such frivolous cronyism. What many people do not know is, there are few things in life as completely matched in their showcasing of superb graphic design and love of beer as Oh Beautiful Beer and moths. The coloration and patterns of moths, both adults and caterpillars — from larval eyespots to bird poop camouflage, from the King’s white polka dots to its black stripes, from the unique typographical contribution of the Comma to the Question Mark, and on and on and on — makes a case for the leps being one of the first schools of graphic design. And, of course, they love to imbibe alcohol, including delicious, wonderful beer. A quick search of “moth sugaring” reveals that moths are attracted to various concoctions of beer, fruit, sugar, etc. (Aside: I realize the moths’ palates may be a little fruitier than the one behind OBB, but if my one, failed attempt at sugaring is any indication, neither the moths nor the OBB are very impressed by the Monarch of beers.) So here’s to moths, and here’s to beer; to good friends, cheers and, “Cheers!”

More Beer Bubbles

Before I go, buggelgängers are in order: to Mrs. OBB, as the Skipper (though, not as hairy, of course!), you will take a drink with a straw, and you keep moving from here to there, always beautiful wherever you land.

Skipper Feeding

To Harv, I give you one of those prodigious sugarers, the underwing moth (even if he’s a little better looking and a little less hairy).

Underwing Moth


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