Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Shriveled Blueberry

As I said earlier, as ample as the Common Opportunity can be, we often pass it up. For myself, I know about this all too well. I’ve passed up so many good things in my life that I could bury myself with the agony I would indubitably dig up trying to remember them all. What I did not always realize is that, while opportunity abounds (it, much like bugs, even in winter, is always here), an individual must be prepared to take advantage of it. It seems simple and obvious, and quite frankly, a little humbling if not outright embarrassing to write that now, but I didn’t really know it until I knew it, so to speak. What I finally figured out was that I will not know everything in advance, that — oddly enough — I knew that I wouldn’t know (whether I liked it or not).

So, bring your pen and pad with you from here to there and back again; take your camera along for even the most banal rides; don’t feel bad when you forget and miss a perfectly good opportunity (even the birds and bugs leave perfectly good blueberries to shrivel, alone, in cobwebs on the twig); and just remember next time to prepare yourself and take your shots when they’re there.


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