No Columbus

Western Conifer Seed Bug Portrait

If you are in an area where the weather has turned for the colder, you may have noticed some unexpected visitors in your home lately. There is a good chance they are Western Conifer Seed Bugs (Leptoglossus occidentalis), looking for a nice warm spot to shelter themselves for the winter. The “western” refers to western North America, from where they are endemic, but they have made their way eastward over the years, even being accidentally introduced into Europe recently. They are benign (i.e. no biting, stinging, etc.) and, as far as I know, not a pest threat for trees or plants, but in the spirit of Columbus (or maybe not) they will make themselves at home. In your home. If handled they will give off a pungent odor which is a defense mechanism. (I cannot vouch for whether Columbus gave off pungent odors as a defensive tactic or otherwise.)

Western Conifer Seed Bug dorsal view

Western Conifer seed Bug profile view


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