What Long Teeth You Have

Longjawed Orbweaver

This is not the Big Bad Wolf spider, but rather a longjawed orbweaver, and I believe a female Tetragnatha elongata. I am sure for any of the brave arachnophobes who ventured to this post, it is a real treat (and it can’t be a trick; Halloween is ovah)! The portrait or “face” shot is ripe with potential, but alas I found another uncooperative subject. The underside shot showing the tucked in fangs is the only super close shot on which I could get satisfactory focus; the framing of it also leaves something to be desired (even after cropping!) but at least I can illustrate how scary looking they are! Ha! Just kidding (he said with a toothy grin (kidding again!))!

Just remember the small, good spider is not the Big Bad Wolf; and you are not Little Red Riding Hood. Let the spiders eat flies! (And tell that to gramma, too!)

Longjawed Orbweaver

Longjawed Orbweaver

Longjawed Orbweaver Fangs

P.S. I will need to see the Hood if you insist on claiming you are Little Red.


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