Blow Fly Day

Blow Flies Mating

These randy blow flies committed original bug love in my Garden of Parsley. Or perhaps, not so original, given the number of blow flies one will find on any given summer day. From the given angle of the photo, the male looks helplessly overmatched in some regard; I will avoid speculating out of respect for the fly and for earnest males everywhere.

Turning our focus to the female, we find the big upset of the shoot: it is not eating! I have noticed with a heavy regularity that the females of mating pairs of insects have a propensity to multitask, i.e. they are always feeding while funning (so to speak). I have seen beetles, wasps, flies and even on occasion I want to say, moths or butterflies do this (but the memory is failing a bit on the latter). Obviously, the human female is the Homo sapien master of multitasking — although I am not sure the ladies have taken it as far as the insect females. Take note and let your wildest, mid-week erotically-hilarious imaginings ensue.  Meanwhile, in fairness to the fairer blow fly, I do not think it appreciated the intrusive voyeur, and who can blame a bug?

Blow Flies Mating



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