The Vein Stays The Same

Red autumn leaf

Leaves don’t fall; time just runs

them through the ringer. Colors

run into the ground, water runs

them away as God recedes for

Good, and we know everything when

we’re helpless with the power

to blind ourselves with the power

to see it’s not right and deny it’s not

right now. We will make a choice

as the colors change and the vein

stays the same; we will change

the world as the leaves fall.

Red Autumn leaf veins

Red autumn leaf

Red and yellow and green autumn leaf veins

Brown and yellow and orange Leaf

(Below: “New Jersey” skeletonized on a maple leaf, by a bug. — for my Jersey friends)

Super Close up of skeletonized portion of yellow maple leaf

Yellow Maple Leaf closer

Yellow Maple Leaf

Yellow Maple Leaf on the ground


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