Where Have You Been Standing Here This Whole Time

Plume Moth

For good, for bad, the people you know are people you don’t know, too. This goes for yourself (and me, three). Secret selves mingle with untapped and unburdened potentials, while lost personas wait on narcoleptic moods, all in the quiet gathering in the depths of one being or whatever the alternative may be (if it may be). Strangers in a circle, or one person (you and me) in an abandoned quarry: it’s all the same, it’s not all shame, but it leaves me wondering, where did we come from? And more importantly, when will I ever see you again?

The “T-bugs” featured in this post are plume moths; they are quite distinctive as moths go, with their narrow (but still effective!) wings. They are surprising for the uninitiated; I can remember distinctly seeing my first individual and thinking, “What is that? That can’t be a moth…can it? I think that’s a moth…I think that’s a moth!” Unsure about the first, lighter-colored individual, but I believe the darker individual below is a member of the Genus Geina.

Plume Moth

Plume Moth

Plume Moth

The following picture is a composite of two “stitched” images of the first plume moth:

Plume Moth


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