You Say Tomato, I say Snail Eye

tiny snail on a tomato

Part of the trick to taking a good macrophotograph is utilizing the narrow depth of field at hand (unless, of course, you’re one of those…focus stacking people (one day I’ll join them, one day…). This tiny snail, discovered on a tomato in my grandfather’s garden is a perfect example of where the focus meets the subject — and where things don’t work out as the photographer planned. My desire to put in focus both eyes of this shelly specimen, if nothing else, drove me  in taking the set of photos I ended up with . Now, it might be harder to tell on the smaller-sized versions of the photos than the larger ones, but I failed; in fact, the shots where I shied away from the eyes were in some part efforts to break away from the frustration of being ever so slightly off from my targett. In the end, I was close, but in the field of macrophotography, where close is everything,  it is also nothing but a blurry frame.

tiny snail on a tomato

tiny snail on a tomato

tiny snail on a tomato

tiny snail on a tomato


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