Anax junius: Mating Pair

common green darners mating in the grass

A mating of Anax junius, or Common Green Darners, take refuge in the grass.

So these are the first dragonflies I photographed this year. Common green darners typically are difficult “gets” for me (in spite of their putative “commonness”); I rarely see them at rest. A male will often patrol around the pond and picnic area of my favorite park. This shot represents my first opportunity to shoot a mating pair. Naturally, I was ecstatic, but the results were somewhat disappointing; my own hurriedness and the obstructing grass (they landed in the mowed grass of the picnic area) as well as the very bright sunlight made it difficult to get a good angle. Nonetheless, here’s to beautiful dragon bug love!

4 thoughts on “Anax junius: Mating Pair

  1. I know just how difficult it is to find this dragonfly perched. I am a serious dragonfly photographer and so far I have only photographed them ovipositing, although I just recently managed to get one shot of one in flight. I am beginning to think that they never perch. Actually I know better, but they obviously perch in places I don’t look. If you are interested in looking at my dragonfly galleries you can find them at

    1. Hi Terry, you have some great shots. I really did luck out in this case, I think. They landed on the grass then took off, and I lost them before walking around and scaring them into flight again. I followed them after that, and it was a harried, crawling mess with reverse lens at various stages of “ready.” But it was worth it (of course)!

      I was curious, any thoughts on smugmug? I’ve seen it here and there on the internet. Are you pretty satisfied with it?

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