Oh, You Little Ogre, You

Big wide spaced red eyes of Holcocephala species robber fly

The better to see you with: Holcocephala species of robber fly.

I love the Asilidae, and these tiny members (less than 10mm) are some of my favorites. According to BugGuide.net, members of this genera are known as “ogre gnats.” How mean! Just because someone has big crazy eyes and a hunchback… :)

I only saw a single one of these subjects this year; it was about a week and a half ago, on a clipped Zinnia stem, and I was unsure at first if it was even alive (it was, and naturally, I eventually, clumsily, scared it off). (But not before getting a couple decent shots.) Usually they come out in August; well at least in past summers. It’s been a weird year, of course. Not 100% positive, but pretty sure this is species Holcocephala calva.

Update: Thought I should add a “fuller view” of our little ogre friend. :)

small robber fly perched on gnawed off grass stem

An ogre gnat (a small robber fly) in profile. Holcocephala sp.


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