In Different Lights

robber fly natural light

The light shining on me is the one I need. The light shining from me is the one I have to give. So long as it bedevils the darkness, whether it flickers, flashes or gleams, the light reveals me, and my path is clear.

In these photos, this robber fly is seen in different lights. The lead photo above is taken in natural light, producing the soft tones of the background; details are lost on the subject somewhat in part due shading of the scene and the settings and limitations of the camera. The photo below shows the subject illuminated by the flash; sharper details can be seen, as well as glare; the background is illuminated by the ambient light but is duller in combination with the flash. (The two photos at the bottom are also natural lights shots that I took at different slightly different settings and shooting angles.)

robber fly natural light


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