Clamor and Clutter

A cluttered home reflects a cluttered mind.  Who am I to argue? My camera, various lenses and miscellaneous other equipment is scrunched to my left; to my right is a pile of pens, documents, keys, cables and other little things that pile up on a desk. In between there’s me and my computer (well, me, my computer, my phone, some dead batteries, old business cards, earbuds and a package of thumbtacks, too). In my mind, anxiety clamors over itself and it becomes unbearably loud; everything is a mess and order seems impossible. But it isn’t. This is the time to get into the fray, to accept the clamor, and to clear the clutter.

On an autumn day, the honey bees and yellow jackets in these photos clamored and buzzed as they fed on fallen, rotting pears. They were doing a pretty good job of clearing clutter, I’d say.


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