flickring a Question

spiny curled up question mark butterfly caterpillar

A prickly and curled up Question Mark butterfly caterpillar.

In case anyone stopping in doesn’t know, I also post pictures on flickr. (Opens in a new window.) I thought today would be a good day for a crossover post; I put up a bunch of pictures of this Question Mark caterpillar!

And here’s a shot with a little sibling on the other side of the leaf (big sib peeping out from the munched hole)…

early instar question mark caterpillar on leaf with hole showing prolegs of late instar  question mark on reverse side

Then and now, a window: an early instar caterpillar fits neatly along the vein of the leaf while a late instar question mark caterpillar only shows its prolegs through a well-munched hole in the leaf.


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