A Bug Always at Home

bagworm caterpillar on rusty surface

Bagworm caterpillars are funny creatures. According to BugGuide.net, they construct a mobile shelter and spend life inside until the pupa emerge as adults. Even then the wingless (or vestigially-winged) females remain in their bags until they are ready to lay eggs – also in the bag! The adults don’t even feed, so I think these little moths can probably be summed up with a simple idiom: “It’s in the bag!”

You would think such a neatly, naturally constructed domicile would camouflage its inhabitant well, and you would be correct. The one in the photo was, however, a bit more of a standout while it rested on the rusty iron railing of a foot bridge. An aesthetically appealing bit of insect architecture nonetheless. It’s just time to call the moving company. (Photo taken in Big Thicket Park in Texas.)


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