The Benefits of Being a Morning Person

morning dew on ants

I am not what you call a morning person, which is unfortunate for the bug photographer in me, because the morning can be ripe with photo opportunities. Insects are often lethargic and less apt to move in the early hours which is an obvious boon and nice change from the frantic or unpredictable movements typical of bugs. On top of making it easier to set up a shot, the lack of movement allows one to take advantage of desirable, diffuse morning light which requires longer shutter speeds.

I don’t have a quality tripod myself which is usually a necessary tool with the natural light shots, so my ants here are in my typical flash m.o. The ants are a little out of focus, but they illustrate another common feature of the morning bug: dew drops. They can be dramatic or pretty or even silly; on a compound eye they can also serve as a “magnifying glass” to great effect.

So here’s to morning shots. Meanwhile, I am going to have to work on my “morning” skills.

morning dew on sweat bee


5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being a Morning Person

  1. Good photos there. Not easy to get good close up shots, and the water makes these photos even more interesting. Perhaps a shade more sharpening would help, as they appear a little soft in places. But interesting to see them close up !!

    1. Hi Jerry, definitely could be sharper. The focus is off target so they are somewhat flawed from the beginning. I have to get up earlier to get some better shots, lol.

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