Into the Sun

drone fly backlit by the sun

A drone fly in the Florida sunshine.

As we are about to bid winter farewell until we meet again, I am saying good-bye to New England for a while myself. I visited Florida last fall, and I had a very nice introduction to a heretofore unknown environment; I saw quite a few bugs and plants I would not otherwise have seen in the fatherland. I even got a few good pictures. For this trip I am planning on taking as many photos as possible, but I will continue making posts here (hopefully with substantial written pieces too!).

This drone fly was from the last trip, and though I can find the same or similar in Massachusetts, it made for an interesting model. I haven’t taken a lot of shots facing directly (well almost directly) into the sun, but I took a chance here. I think I almost blinded myself, but I got a shot I liked. I need to read up on insect biology, because I’d like to know their secret for sitting in the unrelenting sun with no eyelids or sunglasses.



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