Entry Point (and Shoot)

When I started shooting insects, I was inspired by my subjects, the challenge to photograph them and the pride in capturing an image that could potentially continue the thread of inspiration. I still post a photo or few from my earlier Canon Powershot A620 days on occasion. My budget (as ever) delimited me with a point and shoot camera, but I tried to push it as far as I could. One way was to get a lens converter adapter and attach a Raynox MSN-202 lens element; this setup helped me get closer shots of smaller subjects. As a novice, I was not really aware of all the strengths and weaknesses of the A620 (though the noisiness of the images seemed unbearably evident at a certain point), or maybe more accurately, I was not aware of how to manipulate the camera to compensate for those weaknesses. I won’t get into clichés about “it’s not the size of your sensor, but how you use it,” etc.; but for the macro enthusiast, it’s worth pointing (and shooting) out, that you can get good shots without having a giant dSLR rig. So get what you can now, and make up the rest later. (And read the user manual, that really helps, too.)


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