Ready to Fly

small orbweaver in dandelion seeds

A tiny orbweaver spider has found its way into the silky strands of dandelion seeds ready to fly.

It was a funny thing, but I remembered and reminded myself: now is not the time to fail to fail. Like this spider, what surrounds you can bring you up and it can bring you down; you can get carried away whether the wind is gentle or cruel. It’s time to fly. It doesn’t really matter where I land; they’re all crash sites. All birds and butterflies fall; not a single bat flies forever. Like a spider or like a bee, there’s a way forward. Make it blue sky or make it on the tangle of a seed; it’s an arc with no map. I’m falling up and I’m flying down, because there’s something to be said for hitting the ground.


6 thoughts on “Ready to Fly

      1. I truly enjoy your blog. There is a sense of optimistic darkness to it that I relate to. Plus, your bug pics are insanely beautiful :)

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