At a Bug Loss or This Stinks

Mormidea lugens Stink Bug

It’s a new bug season in Western Massachusetts, and frankly a disappointing one so far. Between the fluctuating (and often cool) temperatures, wind and rain, opportunities to shoot bugs have been limited. When I have gone out, I haven’t found a great deal of arthropods except jumping spiders. (So I guess I can’t complain too much. But what the heck, I am anyway.) This Mormidea lugens, probably the smallest stink bug I have ever come across, is one of the 36 different kind of arthropods I photographed (with varying success) last year on this day (May 28). We actually have some decent weather today so I am going to see what I can get. I also have a slightly altered flash set up as I purchased a cheap friction arm to replace the bracket I was using to position the flash; this will be my first full day shooting with it, and I have some hopes for it.


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