Skipper Day

skipper on dandelion

Just a quick one today (with some yellow for my mom). This skipper is feeding on a dandelion blossom. Skippers are members of order Lepidoptera, just as moths and butterflies are, and family Hesperiidae. They are kind of a moth-butterfly mash-up: small, stubby and chubby like a moth; but also club-antennae-ed, day-flying like a butterfly; and covered in scales like all Lepidoptera (for the uninitiated, those scales would be the “butterfly dust” you might be familiar with). They certainly earned their name, skipping and darting all over the place! They can be colorful and bright, but also drab, which is also true for moths and butterflies, though in the popular consciousness I think moths are considered drab, dull and brown while butterflies are colorful and vibrant.

General ostensible characteristics that separate the three groups generally hold up, but there are always exceptions, of course. Which is good, to be exceptional.

On that note, I hope everyone’s week got off to a good start. :)


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