Different; Flower

white rhododendron blossom anther

Writing is lagging. A little blue sky is peaking out on an otherwise cloudy, cool late spring day. Lacking inspiration, I decided to go in a different direction. This photo is of an anther on a white rhododendron blossom. The rhodies are in full bloom most everywhere you turn right now. The pinkish-purplish ones seem to be the most common and then there are the red ones (meh), both of which are in the yard. We also have the white ones, which are my favorites. The anthers are particularly “photogenic” in my humble opinion. I typically don’t spend a lot of time shooting flowers, and less time sharing my photos of them, as I find myself lacking inspiration, and if not inspiration, then vision; many times I can’t find the way “into” a good flower shot. In a certain way, they are more difficult to photograph creatively than arthropods, and it is a challenge that requires time I do not really have the passion for. Even still, some subjects are irresistible.


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