Not So Common After All

close up of common milkweed blossoms

I’m doing another(!) non-bug, I know. But consider this a public service reminder that milkweed is a vital habitat for many species including the beloved (and rightly so) monarch butterfly. I love the blossoms with their clasping thorny structures. Not only is it vital and beautiful, milkweed is also one of many diminishing habitats. Let those milkweeds grow at the edge of your yard if you can. Happy Thursday, stay dry out there.


2 thoughts on “Not So Common After All

  1. your photos are really amazing…as far as non-bug goes with this shot- I notice what looks like a dismembered insect leg just lying on the upper blossom which is blurred. I have sometimes found pink crab spiders lurking in these pink milkweed blossoms and wondering if one may have be recently feeding? So maybe this isn’t a “non-bug” shot after all.

    1. Hi Michael, nice find! I didn’t even notice that, which happens from time to time. I didn’t notice a crab spider lurking, but it seems quite possible. I was actually shooting a longhorn beetle feeding on the milkweed blossoms. I moved on to the flower only shots afterwards, but apparently it is a bug shot shot after all. Thanks for visiting my site. – Mike

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