Pink Stitches Required

rosy maple moth with tattered forewing

This beautiful, tattered creature is a Rosy Maple Moth from last May.  (It is part of my recent nostalgia for insects I haven’t seen in the incredibly unbearable time span of year (I know, I know.).) While its forewing has a good deal of damage, the rest of it appears to be in very good shape. This particular image is actually a stitched result of two photos. Typically I’m terrible at these. I use the Hugin application, and because my images often lack complete EXIF info due to the reverse lens, I don’t have the necessary info — focal length being one of the simpler but most crucial examples. Anyway, with only two images, it’s hard to mess it up; more than a couple images makes handheld shots difficult to line and keep at the same relative working distance for my shaky hands. I like this one, but misalignment may be noticeable in the larger version. I keep meaning to learn how to better use Hugin, but I haven’t made it happen. If this rain keeps up, I might have to do it.


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