Better Late Than Never

blue dasher dragonfly

(I wanted to work this image more in GIMP, but I’ll never get a post up today if I don’t do it now.)

(How’s that for an introduction?)

The blue dasher dragonfly has been in decent numbers so far this year, which is nice, even if they have not cooperated with this photographer as of yet. (And they haven’t!) The same can’t be said for a lot of insects, and I’ve been lamenting, complaining and/or whining about it on this site and my flickr page the past week. Well, I’m trying to get over it, and to remember my good fortune. What is taken for granted, is soon lost. So in that vein, I will take for granted my disappointment and the insecurity that accompanies it, and I will appreciate my common neighbors like big blue eyes above. Here’s looking at you with a thousand eyes.

(Of course, I reserve my birthright as a New Englander to complain at a future date. That hideous glare on the dragon’s eye is calling me as I type; I better sign off now…)


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