I Might Be Gone

red mite

Tiny red mite running for what, I surely do not know. Nor would I presume to know. These are tough creatures to photograph, as they race along unpredictable paths. It’s a bit of a photographic “guess” of when to hit the shutter release. After a while I have developed a sense of the timing, but a lot of it is still up to the subject’s comings and goings. If a bug sticks around long enough, the odds of getting a good shot increase, naturally. Just keep hitting that shutter release.

As you might notice, I have pretty good focus here, but the mite’s left foreleg is partially out of the picture. I did crop the original shot, but that missing piece of leg, of course, was not part of my artistic process. I’ll do better in the future.

p.s The substrate is a plastic plant pot.



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