Keep Your Lens Down Here, Fella

long-legged fly with prey

Of course: Depth of field depth-of-fields depth-of-fielding depth-of-fieldfully depth-of-fieldant. Yeah, that’s what the macro is all about (sometimes).

Typically the main target with an insect subject is going to be the eyes; we want to stuff those shimmering compound beauties into the sliver of focus. But when you’re working with an insect that is 5mm in length give or take, such as a the longlegged fly above, it can be tough. If you look at the larger size of my photo, you can probably see that the eyes are only somewhat in focus at their edges; the sharpest areas are on the hairs, whiskers, and the front two legs (and the butt of the prey, if you’re scoring at home). This fly is a “long-legged” fly after all, so maybe it’s somewhat appropriate that those legs are in the fore. Instead of a moral victory, this one is kind an “amoral” victory (I like that, haha!). Anyway, I like the shot, too; it sticks with me, eyes or not.


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