Sometimes You’re the Spider, Sometimes You’re the Spider

house spider with jumping spider prey

We’re not so different, you and I. Maybe we only have one difference: which side of the mirror we are looking into. It’s all out there, and it’s all in here.

I found this disheartening scene (that’s jumper bias, right there, not spider bias) in the sun porch. Three spiders, two lives. Remaining anyway. I believe the victors were house spiders, which is rather appropriate given this happened in the house. That they were in the house, on a web, and in a corner, also made it easy to take a lot of photos. I fired off at least 200 hundred shots. Most of them were mediocre or flat-out stunk. That’s how it goes, though you might be saying, “Such ideal conditions, such captive subjects, why couldn’t the schlub get the job done?” Well, I had mainly one factor working against me: I didn’t want to ruin the spiders precious meal. That meant not messing with their prey directly or their web, which in turn limited some of the angles I could take. The house spiders were mostly, maybe surprisingly, calm in the face of the camera, but I still couldn’t contort myself from my kneeling or seated positions to get the perfect perspective. They never lined up fully where I could get the front of the jumper with each house spider on either side.

Que sera, sera. It was quite a subject; I’m glad I was able to document it. As I said, I have plenty of shots of this trio; I’ll probably post some more of them in the future.

Meanwhile, stay out of others’ webs and mirrors this weekend. Happy Friday the 13th. :)


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