If at first you don’t succeed…GIMP again!

A photo of a jumping spider (Pelegrina sp.?) was sitting unspoiled in my WordPress media library, and I decided it was about time I put it to use. When I took a look at it, my first thought was, What was I thinking? I took it back to the drawing (GIMPing) board, using the already processed .JPG file to see if a quick fix was possible. As you can see I have a side by side comparison, the brighter one on the left, being the original submission. I can now (sort of) see what I was thinking; the background including the spider’s abdomen is lighter, which gives the photo a vibrancy. Unfortunately, the trade-off was blowing out the white hairs below the all-important eyes. This one’s too light, that one’s too dark…why isn’t one just right? I decided I’d give it a 5-minute look (which probably means I should have figured this out the first time…or was it the second?). I like the third one the best, but I’m not sure if it makes much of a difference. Perhaps it is indicative of the time spent. I’m going to Que sera… it, at this point. Moving along to the next bug photo…

P.s. You might get a better idea of what I’m talking about if you view the larger images. If you are not familiar with WordPress photo galleries, you just have to click on one of the images to bring up a “lightbox carousel.” Press the right or left arrow keys to move between larger-sized images.


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