In Praise of Flat Faces

treehopper front-facing view

A treehopper looks into the camera. Note the nearly flat face. Family Membracidae

It seems like I have had a lot of, shall we say, plaintive posts in recent weeks, so I have brought out a heartwarming subject today. (Also as a partial apology to the much neglected treehopper of yesterday’s frustrations.) Most treehoppers I have run across are very ideal subjects, if not accommodating ones (they like to turn their heads away in preparation of retreat). Their bodies often have horns or jutting forms that mimic thorns and other plant protuberances. They can look very striking and artful, but the ideal part is that their bodies also have flat surfaces, i.e. the wings and the face, the latter of which is the best part in my opinion – especially if it’s a superhero treehopper. This little guy doesn’t remind me of anyone fictional or otherwise, but he takes a nice portrait. Even though the camera is not completely parallel to the face, I think the slight turn and softening focus give the impression of curiosity. Or I could be seeing things, which is something that I should probably let you take care of.


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