Backyard Residents

brown leafhopper

Leafhopper sitting on a stone. Possible Latalus sp.

Many insects and spiders (and other critters we wouldn’t think of) reside in our yards. The ones like this leafhopper are inconspicuous, and if we notice them at all it is when they are hopping away from us like an odd, jumpy piece of debris. They can be a challenge to photograph. Given time most insects will take flight (whether literally or not), but leafhoppers in my experience are not prone to waiting things out at all.

In my yard, little green leafhoppers are ubiquitous, but I particularly like the type pictured above, with its rough stained-glass-like wings. I managed to approach our little friend without spooking it after a few failed attempts. I didn’t get many shots off, but I like this one; the light brown of the stone complements the the insect’s colors nicely, if I may say so.


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