What You Are Looking At

pelegrina species jumping spider

A seemingly fearless Pelegrina sp. jumping spider holds out its arms.

Another jumper, one of the crazy eyes, or hopping mad eyes, if you will, variety. For some reason even though these spiders are small and flat-faced, I have trouble getting head-on shots. They are fidgety as well as very curious of the camera, especially when they are on flat or even surfaces, like railings or buildings, or in this case a boulder — when I find them on plants, they tend to duck for cover more, probably because there is cover. This shot is one of my better one for this species as far as focus goes. The colors seem a little warm to me, but I have had a tendency to “cool down” too much. I’m trying to lean away from that. On another note, this will be my 300th posting on Bugphoto.net. I’m glad to have kept it going; I’m glad to have a venue to share my photos and love of bugs with everyone who may stop by and especially the regulars who frequently view my photos. Thanks so much.


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