Bee Sharp, No Matter Which Way the Wind Blows

green sweat bee feeding inside a small blue flower

A pollen-covered metallic green sweat bee hunkers down inside a flower.

As with my previous post, I didn’t frame this shot well, which made cropping a hairier decision. This one had less to do with magnification unlike yesterday’s jumper, and (if memory serves me well) more to do with the breeze swaying the flower. I liked the flower standing out over the “forest” in the background (i.e. the patch of these little blue flowers), but wind can only be helped so much, and bees come and go as they please. The breezy movement likely also played a factor in the lack of sharpness on this one; the focal plane appeared a smidgen behind the bee’s face but even still it wasn’t typically sharp. I usually have two phases of sharpening, and in each case I used a higher amount than usual. I think it helped out even though the background got considerably noisier — which induced me to do more denoising. Honestly, the effect of sharpening or denoising wasn’t very evident at a low zoom of the image file; at a 100% I thought it worked well however.


4 thoughts on “Bee Sharp, No Matter Which Way the Wind Blows

  1. Great photo. Before I got into Macro I had never heard of plumps, this sounds like an opportunity to use one, however, in my experience they are not always as useful as advertised. I keep trying :)

    1. Does a plump = a plamp? lol I did a search and that’s all I could find. I’ve never heard the name but I have seen them or similar. I’ve seen one DIY contraption with two gorillapods attached mount to mount and the feet on one modified to put clamps on them! It actually looked like it proved quite useful positioning subjects and keeping unwanted leaves/grass out of the shot, but the photographer was doing early morning work when bugs are “asleep”. Limits to utility. If I ever wake up early enough to get some sleepers, I’ll hopefully have some with me. :)

      1. Plamp, my bad!. I use them to hold bushes with stationary bugs like ambush bugs and even then the wind plays havoc. There is a variety that sticks in the ground, mine attaches to the tripod. Expensive accessories. You are after stability so anything is worth trying.

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