Black and White, Ant or Less

eastern carpenter ant on white, dorsal view

The once and future studio, i.e. the vinyl window frame provides the white backdrop for this Eastern carpenter ant.

I need a new category for my website, “Hard to Crop” (which if you say it with an exaggerated Boston accent, also would sum it up). I originally cut off the bottom legs, so I tried to snip off a piece of each leg and antennae to level off the frame. I kind of like it, but you be the judge.

As was the case with my “studio” weevil, I found this placid ant on the white vinyl window frames of the house. It’s always good to take of advantage of a calm ant; you never know when you’re next one will come along. On the other side, i.e. the computer, I cleaned out the debris and tried to make the background uniformly white in GIMP. I had some trouble cleaning up the bluish color cast at the bottom around the shadows of the legs but removed most of it. It could use some fine work, but I’m letting this one go.


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