Frog’s Eye View

close up of the gold-flecked eye of a frog

I’ve struck gold with the rather majestic iris of a frog.

Note: You might have seen this one earlier than planned. I tried using the WordPress iOS app to schedule this post and it didn’t work too well. Not a big fan of the app.

My posts are becoming a running series of post-processing diary entries, which is actually a pretty good thing for me, as I tend to not make notes and forget how I do things. Hopefully it is helpful and interesting to others.

This photo is the front end of an “adventure” in the grass; the processing took a little detail out of the eye but you can probably see the light reflections of the grass leaves in the pupil. One place you hopefully cannot detect grass is at the sides of the images, especially the right side. Because I was peering through the grass, it obfuscated the frog somewhat resulting in a blurry-fringed opening, as well as a greenish color cast. I couldn’t do much about the blurriness, but I was able to eliminate most of the green haze by desaturating the yellow color channel. I started with the green channel which seemed like the obvious place, but it had no ostensible effect. I thought the yellow would drain the rest of the image of some vibrancy, but a little adjustment of the “Lightness” setting (which is in the Hue-Saturation dialog window as well) gave me a result I liked.

I have more frog eyes. I’m tempted to go back and try my developing post-processing skills on some of those.


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