The Little Devil

shining fungus beetle on the edge of a leaf

The veiled head, pointy abdomen and deep, dark red of this shining fungus beetle remind me of something devilish.

There are a lot of curious creatures out there, but they do not always appear so at first blush. They come into my purview and obviously would like to leave it just as quickly, and some like this shining fungus beetle (tentative ID) are easy to let go. Tiny, fast-moving and black and shiny is not the easiest combination for the macro photographer typically. But when you are there to shoot bugs, it’s good to discriminate but not too much. To appreciate something new, one must give it a chance to begin with.

And so I gave this little, odd beetle a chance and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I really love that faint hint of red which was not evident to the naked eye. It suggests something beautiful yet sinister to me.

I tried to do something about the glare on the elytra (which are the hard covers on a beetle’s wings), but the highlights were completely blown out. The beetle didn’t stick around too long, but I was glad to get this shot. The nice thing for next time is, when I see one of these, its possibilities are already apparent and I won’t hesitate to shoot.


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