I Didn’t Get a Big Head

head shot of a gnat

Just enough for a portrait: the head of a gnat.

compoind eyes of a gnat

A crop of the gnat portrait shows the lens of the gnats compound eyes. (Click image for 100% view.)

The gnat shown here is a rather nondescript creature as far as bugs go, but I was tickled when I more or less nailed the head or face shot above. Getting the focus on such tiny target is always good for a boost of confidence and energy. Ironically, however, the seemingly easier lateral shot (below) did not come out as nicely. At the time I had an overwhelming obsession with high magnification and face shots (now I’d say it is just whelming), and my personal focus, perhaps not coincidentally, matched up well with these images.

lateral view of a gnat

A little more surface but a little less focus on the lateral view of the same gnat.


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