Another Fly Portrait, Ridiculous Mustache Edition

fly with bright red eyes

A portrait of what is likely a flesh fly.

It seems like I have had a relatively high number of fly portraits go on the BugPhoto board of late, specifically from Superfamily Muscoidea. As I dip into the depths of my archive, it appears I had underestimated or taken for granted the photos of these humble subjects. Of course, this one stands out: I don’t think any of the other flies had a gold-tinged toothbrush mustache that Charlie Chaplin could be proud of. I’m guessing Charlie didn’t look quite as good with red eyes though. The flies have it yet again.


2 thoughts on “Another Fly Portrait, Ridiculous Mustache Edition

  1. Ah, you are the perfect person to ask about the fly in this video at the end of the blog…it’s at about the 1:50 mark. It’s grooming inself, but later at the 3:10 mark she’s rubbing her proboscis on the (anthers? sorry, I don’t know my biology). Maybe you can tell me what kind of fly she is and what she is doing.
    Thanks in advance.

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