A Fly at Home

syrphid fly feeding on white wild flowers

A Syrphid fly takes a meal.

Home can be where you live and it can also be where you live well. I am always left in a bout of small wonder when I see the same specific insect reappear in the same specific plot of land. I am talking about micro-habitats, such as the 6 to 10 square feet or so of a flower patch that I have found these Syrphid flies every year or two at Clarksburg State Park, not but a few feet from the edge of the parking lot driveway. The little flowers with their narrow petals and bright yellow anthers and stigmas (?) are probably more notable than the flies which are average looking Diptera except for maybe the longish abdomen that narrows like the pedicel of a wasp (hard to see in this shot). Together they make a unique point on earth, a place I like to think of as a home.


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