New Perspectives, Not Resolutions

harvestman on red cement wall

The cruxes of this photograph are the joints of the long, distinguishing harvestman legs.

The resolution is old: find new ways of looking at insects and spiders. A somewhat different version: find ways for people to look anew upon insects and spiders. That’s the challenge and that’s the fun.

A couple weeks or so ago, I was musing on how to meet this challenge when harvestmen are the subject. Not always, but  as I said, to make a daddy longlegs, I find it is a good idea to work with those legs, which is exactly what I was trying to do with this shot. I was quite pleased to get the joints of all the legs into an even focus. I mulled as whether to crop the photo or not, ultimately deciding against it, but there are some interesting possibilities there too. If I were to rework this photo, I’d target the sharpening. The legs and the body are meant to stand apart from each other, but the former might not be sharp enough and the latter is less blurred than I had initially wanted. It would probably take a more involved approach than my typical sharpening method but not necessarily too difficult. I’ll probably go back to this one, in fact. Well, unless all the feedback I hear is about perfect arachnid knees.

Oh, and happy New Year. I hope it’s a great one.


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