Portrait of the Moth as a Grasshugger

Crambus snout moth portrait

Honk for moths! This Lep lives up to its common name of snout moth (say that ten times fast) .

If these moths were people, I think we’d refer to them as “characters.” I am basing that solely on their peculiar yet pleasing appearance. If they are characters, they also seem gentle, if an insect can be so. Not much else to say today about these relatively common creatures today. I’ve probably mentioned in past posts (click on the “snout moth” tag below) before that they are all over the yard and are quite skittish.  For a full body-length view continue below.

Crambus snout moth

This snout moth has an interesting pattern on its wings; it speaks to sort of baroque drapes. Or something.


2 thoughts on “Portrait of the Moth as a Grasshugger

  1. How do you find these guys? Are they out there and you just know where to look or are you going to an ‘bug sanctuary?’ :-)

    1. I go to a bug sanctuary called “Mother Earth” a.k.a. step outside, haha. Actually there are a couple of nearby Massachusetts state parks where I find most of them, in addition to my backyard (though I have made some trips outside the home area; most notably to Florida in the last year or so). Some subjects are fairly common, like these moths which are all over the backyard. The parks I go to are usually wet and there is a lot of edges of brush where the habitat transitions. I’m not good with plants, but I feel like the parks also have a good diversity of plants which leads to a diversity of bugs typically. It’s really amazing how many different bugs are out there, right under our noses.

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