Little Wolf with One Blue Eye

face of a small wolf spider

The little, nice wolf spider has great big eyes, all the better with which to see its prey (and nosy photographers). Wolf spiders (Family Lycosidae) are one of the few groups of spiders that have good vision.

If you look at the left side of the left, large eye (now say that ten times fast), especially in the larger version, you will likely see a blue spot. My first instinct was to chalk the spot up as a flaw in my photographic process and to edit it out, but then I remembered spider eyes can sometimes do funny things. For example, jumping spiders can often appear to have the two prominent eyes with two distinct colors. (I forgot why exactly that happens, but the simple, incomplete version is that each eye is looking in a different direction.) So I left our little wolf with its little blue tattoo even if I think it’s probably more likely an artifact of the lens and/or camera.


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