Light Edits: Plant Bug Edition

Similar to yesterday’s ladybird beetle, I have two images of a plant bug showing the before and after of edited glare. The bug was lollygagging on a storm door, and I caught it in a good pose. My flash unfortunately caught the strip of storm dorm and roared with a blazing band of glare. Since that area was totally blown out, there was no rescuing it or toning it down with the Multiply blend mode as with the ladybird beetle. Instead, I simply used the Clone (copy neighboring parts over the area) and Heal (blend the edges together) tools; it is not a complicated process but time-consuming especially if you decide to get picky (and I usually do; of course, I can see at the left edge after the fact I missed a little bit).

I can’t really remember, but I think there was a curve on the strip which helped to produce the harsh reflection. After making this edit, I still don’t really prefer one over the other. Maybe you do?


2 thoughts on “Light Edits: Plant Bug Edition

  1. I wasn’t looking at the glare…I was looking at the perfect background. No harsh shadows, smooth background with a low flash. It seems every photo you feature has a new dimension of photography to it. How do you pull it off!?

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