Light Edits: Six-spotted Orbweaver Edition

six-spotted orbweaver crawling on grass

Fall-off is not a problem for this six-spotted orbweaver or the light shining off its abdomen.

We return to the grass and chives wonderscape and find a bright-bellied spider. As it turns out, it was a little too bright. So we also return to the first “Light Edit” post of the week, featuring the ladybug, and its Multiply blend mode layer method to tone down the highlights of a selected area — the spiders abdomen in this case. Unlike the ladybug shot, there was no crutch of pitch black space bordering the target area. At the larger view, you may be able to see trace marks at the edges of the area where I edited (but I hope no; I tried to make it as seamless as possible). Once again I used the layer’s opacity setting to adjust the amount of darkening. I could have used a hair more on the white part, but the trade off would have been darkening and oversaturating the yellow to an unnatural color. Overall I was pleased to bring out the abdomen hairs more clearly and the striking but not over-the-top yellow on the booty.


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