Moths Give You (Upturned) Wings

window-winged moth family Thyrididae

A window-winged moth, Family Thyrididae, feeds on a wildflower at Clarksburg State Park.

It may not be evident from the more or less top-down perspective of this shot, but the wings of the Thyris maculata pictured above turn upward at the front edge; this feature plus the rather exposed body gives it a unique form among moths.

I have only photographed this diurnal moth two times that I can remember, and it was feeding both times. It appears to be one of those “fidgety” moths that don’t stick around for curious humans, but on the bright side, flower backgrounds are nice. This one did not stick around for many shots, but the second one I found was more consumed with its feeding activity. That was helpful because those upturned wings don’t fit neatly into a narrow depth of field.


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